Fashion Stylist Amia Serrano Aqui has always had an interest in fashion. She grew up in North County San Diego, California, and modeled as a little girl into her mid-twenties then realizing she’d rather put the outfits together than model them. It’s when moving to New York in 2011, she officially made that decision to pursue becoming a Fashion Stylist. One Saturday morning she Googled “how to become a stylist” and the rest is history. In her early months she started off interning for Stylist/Editor Joanne Blades and had assisted Basia Richards on-set for Selena Gomez' Adidas Neo campaign. At the same time she took on trade shoots of her own to build a solid portfolio of her work - all while working a full-time job. Since venturing into the world of styling, her years of experience consists of published editorial, music videos, television and much, much more.


With such a variety of experience not only on-set, Amia has proven herself to be a dedicated, committed and very much diverse Stylist. Now residing in Los Angeles, she's continuing her journey as a Fashion Stylist working along side her husband and Hairstylist Rolando Aqui as a hair + wardrobe team.
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Amia Serrano Fashion Stylist