Fashion Stylist Amia Serrano has always had an interest in fashion. She grew up in San Diego, California, but started really getting into styling after moving to New York City in 2011. In her early months she started off interning for Stylist/Editor Joanne Blades and took on time for print shoots to build a solid portfolio of her work at the same time.


Since venturing into the world of styling, her years of experience consist of editorials published in numerous magazines such as Creem, Nylon for Guys, and Relapse. She’s also styled commercial/ad campaigns for large brands like Hello Kitty, Cherokee and Bedstu. Additionally, Amia has styled celebrity clients as in Singer Mashonda, Pretty Little Liars Actor Keegan Allen, Two and Half Men Actresses Emmanuelle, Tyrant Actress Jennifer Finnigan even her husband/Actor Jonny Silverman from the classic movie Weekend at Bernies. She feels there is always more to learn about the industry therefore assists other established Stylists like Basia Richards for Selena Gomez on Adidas Neo shoot, Zoe Costello for Urban Decay campaigns and Fifth Harmony appearances/music videos/shoots and more!


With such a variety of experience, Amia has proven that she is a dedicated, committed and diverse Stylist. In reference to her budding career, Amia states, “My ultimate goal is to be a well-known Celebrity Stylist. With prayer and God’s help I know my dream career can be a reality.” She currently resides in California, but is available to work in any other parts of the world.

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Amia Serrano Fashion Stylist